Laqa & Co.

Laqa & Co. Bestsellers:

Why we love Laqa & Co.

Laqa & Co. was founded a few years ago by Australian Georgina Hofman, who was sure there had to be an easier way to apply nail polish than standard bottles. While working in marketing in New York City, she knew she had hit upon a great idea when she saw automatic lip pens and decided to apply the same principle to nail lacquer.
We love how simple the pens are to use and the gorgeous range of Laqa & Co. colours available in both the nail lacquer and lip pencils. We also adore the bespoke artwork on the packaging and the cheeky names of the products.

Why we chose Laqa & Co.

The unique design of the Laqa & Co. nail pens wowed our buying team - and the rest of the nail polish mad girls at Bath & Unwind HQ! We were also impressed by the collaborative nature of the company, in particular the use of artwork from up-and-coming artists on the packaging. It gives the artists a platform for their creativity and they also receive a share of the profits.

Why their products work

The design of the airtight click pen enables you to apply polish quickly and neatly wherever you are. They are also great for touch-ups, allow you to easily experiment with nail art and, to top it all off, the polishes contain no formaldehyde, toluene or DHP. In addition to nail pens, Laqa & Co. have a range of lip pencils, the packaging of which is also decorated with quirky and unique art.

Our hero product

The nail polish pens are the stand out product from Laqa & Co. They make application so swift and easy, you can change your nail colour as often as you change your clothes. We love BMX Bandit, a beautiful bright cherry red shade that will brighten up any day.